Eircom Wins Award For ‘Best Hidden Customer Service Number’


PHONE and broadband provider Eircom have once again secured the top spot for the best hidden customer service number in the Mind Your Own Business Awards last night, held in Waterford city.

The company’s website received a unanimous forty three votes in the category from judges, with Sky coming second, and bin providers Greenstar coming third.

This is the fifth annual Mind Your Own Business Awards to be held in Ireland since being launched in 2010.

“This year we spent a lot of time hiding our customer service number,” CEO Richard Goat told WWN. “It is important to us as a company that delivers telecommunication services to customers, to make sure it’s virtually impossible to contact us with any query a customer may have. This of course wouldn’t be possible only for our dedicated team of web developers, who spend hours on end every day hiding the customer service number from the website.

“Thanks you for this award. We are truly honoured,” he added.

Customers took to social media sites to congratulate the company for persistent secrecy, with many asking for the number to be released at some stage this year.

“It’s been four weeks now and I still haven’t found it,” said Patrick Moore, a long-time Eircom broadband subscriber. “I have to give it to them; they’re very consistent. Sure, that’s the fun of it, I suppose. Gas lads altogether. Well done.”