Co-Worker Vastly Overestimates How Much You Wanted To Know About Her Weekend


A COUNTY Leitrim woman is currently on her 20th minute of explaining her weekend in excruciating detail to her co-workers, after vastly overestimating how much people cared about ‘how her weekend was’.

Margaret Shields, 29, arrived at her job in Carryharn Accountancy this morning after spending a three-day weekend visiting her parents in Donegal.

During a ten o’clock break, after being casually asked by a co-worker as to how her weekend was, Shields took this as an opportunity to run her mouth off about every minute detail of her three-day break, rattling off exhaustively elaborate anecdotes about everything from the journey to Balleybofey to her brother’s recent conviction for hitting an off-duty guard in a chip-shop.

“I have absolutely no interest in this woman, or her extended family,” sobbed Martin Hennessey, a 36-year-old accountant who made the fatal error of setting Shields down the road to waffletown.

“I mean, ‘how was your weekend?’… that’s just something people say: it’s small talk. I didn’t actually want to know how her weekend was, I don’t actually fucking care, and yet I had to stand there for 45 minutes listening to her describe how big her sister’s kids are getting on. My tea was cold and I missed an important meeting”.

WWN would like to take this opportunity to assure people that if they have a dose of a co-worker who never shuts the fuck up, help is available. You are not alone.