WWN Motoring: We Test Drive Macker Quinn’s Deadly Glanza


FANS of modified motoring, prepare to be jealous. WWN was granted an exclusive test drive in Macker Quinn’s 1998 Toyota Glanza at the weekend, making us the envy of the suburban car fancier’s community. Here’s our review of this beast; said to be one of the most notable tricked-out cars in all of Waterford city!

1) Engine Revving Ability

Although we got very little actual driving time in Macker Quinn’s Glanza due to the fact that he has spent so much money on customising it, he can’t afford petrol, we did get to sit in it while it was parked in his driveway, and rev the engine for most of Tuesday night. The engine responds well for its age, and the modifications made to the exhaust give a tremendous BWOMP, which drew the attention of pretty much everyone in the area who was awake at 2 in the morning.


2) Cruising Performance

Prowling around the estate in second gear, we felt completely in control of the 1.2l monster. We were concerned about speed ramps due to the lowered suspension and full body kit of the car, but we were able to cross most bumps in less than 45 seconds. The few actual gear changes we made were met with a satisfying PSSSHHHEW noise, and the steering was able to get us around most corners without actually hitting the kerb on the opposite side of the road. Other motorists on the road at the time were suitably impressed by the sight of the lime green/ black shaggin’ wagon as it cruised around Waterford, and we felt many eyes on us as they read the selection of witty slogans on the back windscreen.


3) Sound system

Quinn truly has outdone himself with the sound system in his Glanza, with the subwoofer in the boot able to crank out hardcore techno at any hour of the day. Having made the wise decision to spend more on his radio than he does on upkeep to his Mam, Macker has created a wonderful audio experience for his friends and elderly neighbours.



Macker Quinn’s Glanza is a thing of sheer beauty. Everything from the alloys to the seat covers have been chosen with skill and class, and every motoring enthusiast should get a chance to see it in action before it inevitably gets wrapped around a lamp post.