The Five Best Solar Eclipse Pics From Waterford


We have been inundated with literally hundreds of thousands of solar eclipse pictures from readers this morning, and you guys sure didn’t disappoint.

Up first we have Conor Murray from Portlaw with this spectacular shot.

Conor writes: ‘As you can see here guys the sun is totally eclipsed here. The whole sky went kinda grey and the sheep started baaing.’

Dermot Walsh from Larchville sent us this beauty taken at 4pm yesterday afternoon. It’s like the sun is teasing him here a bit. I dunno about you guys, but I could just stare at this marvel for hours.



Another fantastic capture by some Polish lad from Dunmore whose name we couldn’t be bothered spelling. Where is the sun? I can’t see it, can you? Like, total eclipse.



I don’t know how this one got into our top five. Kevin our intern picked it out. It’s just clouds as far as I can see. Taken by some idiot in Tramore called Daniel Connolly. Dope.


We think Jessica Horan’s photograph is top of the pile here. It’s like the whole sky is eclipsed here. Such contrasting colours. Fascinating altogether. Such talent we have on our doorstep. Amazing and very sexy. Phooooar, makes me want to close the curtains and grab an old sock.