WWN Event Guide



Open day this weekend at Ireland’s first ever Clown College. Think you have what is takes? A number of workshops are available including the ever popular ‘how to fit 100 people in a Mini Cooper’ demonstration. Kicks off at Leinster House this Saturday at 10am.


Massive protest scheduled for Saturday. Huge attendance required, please give your time. Reason for protest to be determined closer to the date.


Mullaghturk Rovers face off against hated rivals Shanballagh United in Fr. Mountbatten park this Sunday. Schimozzles and heavy-deadeners guaranteed. Arrive early to sit in the blood splash zone.


Muff village will hold their annual diving event this weekend, and yes they’ve heard all the jokes ah ha ha ha you’re all so fucking funny, well done.


The highly anticipated first annual Seal Riding Championships are taking place at Tramore this weekend. Organisers want to know if you have a pet seal, or do you know where they could find a few seals? Prizes for the competitors who can ride a seal a distance of 100 metres in the quickest time. Think horse racing but on seals and in the water. Entry is just €5 euro and it gets under way on Sunday at 1pm.