TV3 Forced To Suspend Programming Due To Green Screen Being In The Wash



IRISH television network TV3 announced it was forced to suspend all programming today due to their green screen being in the wash.

Staff at its main office in Ballymount, Dublin, were told this morning that the station will cease broadcasting for the next 24 hours while cleaners attend to the “overused” backdrop – which 90% of its programming relies on.

“Well, we can’t do anything without the green screen.”  chief executive David McRedmond told WWN. “Normally it would be washed once every three years, but Vincent Browne knocked a coffee over it last night after his show and destroyed the thing.”

When asked if staff will be paid for the day, Mr. McRedmond refused to answer, stating: “That’s an in-house matter. TV3 is a privately owned company and we do not have to disclose such details with the public as we don’t rely on state funding.”

“Can you make sure that last bit I said goes in. It’s very important to us,” he added.

Weather presenter Martin King later told WWN that he welcomed the day off, claiming it will be his first in over 15 years.

“I really need this,” said the very emotional presenter. “No, really, my contract has me here twenty hours a day. I even have my own quarters behind the smoking shed. It will be great to see my family again. I’m speechless.”

TV3 currently employs over 200 people and has been in operation since 1998, producing some of Ireland’s top television programs, such as Tallafornia and Midday.