Brian Cody Accused Of Grooming Children As Young As 5 For Hurling


KILKENNY hurling manager Brian Cody faced some tough questions today after he was accused of “grooming” young children for the sport of hurling.

The 60-year-old coach, who yesterday brought his team to a tenth All-Ireland victory in Croke Park, is believed to have trained children as young as five in the sport, leaving many fans across the country confused at the implications of such an accusation.

“Grooming is bad, right?” said one Kilkenny supporter, who was visibly distressed by the claim. “Hold on, he was grooming children to play hurling. It sounds wrong. Who’s implying this? I can’t get my head around it at’ll. What?”

Following the revelation, thousands of panicked people flocked to social networks to voice their disgust at the claim, with many calling for Mr. Cody to be arrested and charged for whatever it is that he did wrong.

“I just can’t believe someone in his position could take advantage like that,” said stay-at-home-son Derek Mackey, who immediately commented on the news headline without reading it. “Bastards like that should have their sliotars removed”.

It is understood the accusation emerged shortly after the All Ireland final on Saturday, after video footage showed the Kilkenny man openly conversing with a player’s young son, who was wearing a team jersey at the time.

“He was obviously preparing the child for something big,” said psychologist Dr. Patrick Nulty, a behavioural specialist in the field of  behavioural specialties. “If you look closely, you can actually see him peering into the child’s future as a Kilkenny hurler. It’s very worrying and people should get really mad at this whole thing, just for the sake of it”.

Meanwhile, a source close to Mr. Cody defended his actions, claiming that he himself may have been groomed for hurling at a young age, and that kind of thing was “rampant” in the county.

“It’s just an endless cycle really,” explained the source. “If you are groomed to hurl as a child, you will probably do the same to your own. The GAA is responsible for covering up a lot of what goes on here”.

Mr. Cody was himself not available to comment on the accusations.