4 Teenagers Die Every Hour Trying To Make Viral Videos


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THIS post is a sponsored appeal from the parents of over 40,000 teenagers who have attempted to make viral videos this year only to be tragically killed by a combination of poor decision making and stupidity.

4 teenagers die every hour trying to make viral videos but it doesn’t have to be this way. We can make it stop. Where are your children right now? You don’t know do you, even if you do, you’re still a shit parent as research suggests 9 out of 10 teenage boys are filming their mickeys right now.

Will your child be like Clara Doyle from Leitrim? Clara filmed herself wrestling a bull in a field while ironing clothes while also singing the hits of singing great Whitney Houston. Her video was viewed on YouTube a staggering 46 times before the media found out she had died just three short weeks after leaving that field, meaning the video was now worthy of going viral. It has since been viewed 123 million times.

Perhaps your son will suffer the same fate as Alex Jones, a Texan teen who, after watching a heartwarming video about children overcoming suffering in Chernobyl, moved to the forsaken location and stayed there until he got cancer all so he could post a video of the courageous moment he shaved his head before his first chemotherapy session. Was it emotional? Yes. Did it go viral? Yes. Did he need to move there aged 4 in an effort to increase his risk of getting cancer? No.

Do you want your child to end up like Eric Florez, the 14-year-old Californian who, in an effort to gain internet fame via the medium of Snapchat, glued his penis to a Boeing 747 moments before it was set to take off. Admittedly, with his snapshots reaching over 47 million people he became famous, but at what price? Death. Death what the price.

While legislation preventing crap viral videos making it to the internet, with some drafts suggesting we make them completely illegal, there is hope for the idiots among us, but until these laws are put in place we must act together as a society.

What can you do to stop this epidemic? All we, the parents of the 40,000 deceased teenagers, ask of you is to make a viral video about the dangers of viral videos.

Thank you.