Girlfriend’s Unconditional Love Becomes Conditional After Boyfriend Hits 18 Stone



GIRLFRIEND Amy O’Carroll has confirmed to WWN that her love for her boyfriend of three years, which was previously unconditional and irrevocable, now comes with a series of conditions.

The revelation comes after boyfriend Ronan Lally reached a weight in excess of 18 stone, forcing Amy to redefine the terms of her love.

‘Unconditional love’ the measurement by which millions of couples define their feelings towards one another, usually comes with over 434,567 separate clauses which, if applicable to a spouse can see their partners love downgraded to ‘conditional love’.

“I love her more than anything,” explained Ronan in between bites of an admittedly scrumptious looking sandwich, “I forgot about the fact you could just change your mind about the unconditional part of your love for someone but when we went to the beach the other day and I took my top off Amy reminded me”.

Amy has defended her stance about her love for Ronan and says several key conditions remain in place.

“This isn’t like the time I was unemployed for a year or when I crashed his car while he was away or when he gave my sister a loan when she needed some money, this is entirely different,” Amy told WWN while trying to outline her reasons, “don’t get me wrong I love him so, so much it is just now coming with conditions”.

Amy went on to list conditions which included ‘losing weight’, ‘being hot again’ and ‘never getting like this again’. Ronan subsequently agreed to the new conditions with one extra amendment, which involved Amy immediately paying rent in the house they shared, getting a job and putting an end to her affair with Ronan’s best friend John.