Pressure On As Rose’s First Task Is To Broker Peace Deal In Gaza



2014 International Rose of Tralee winner Maria Walsh is said to be in fine form today after becoming the 56th woman to win the prestigious event in county Kerry.

The 27-year-old Philadelphian is expected to step straight into her new roll as ambassador for the festival by negotiating a peace deal in Gaza between the Israeli and Palestine governments.

“No one said this was going to be easy,” she said whilst making her final preparations to leave for the middle eastern states. “My three hundred page dossier is ready to go and we should hopefully arrive in Tel Aviv by 6pm”.

Ms. Walsh is expected to meet with several heads of state to brief them on the terms of her agreement for the troubled region.

“I’m quite brutal when it comes to international disputes like this,” she warned. “I won’t be holding any prisoners this evening and I hope both parties are ready for a shake up”.

However, the wee Boston girl has some big shoes to fill as it took US Secretary of State John Kerry five days in the Middle East to negotiate a 12-hour pause in the fighting between Hamas and Israel.

“All this conflict needs is a Rose’s touch. There’s just too much testosterone and I’m sure I can negotiate something solid,” she added.

The Rose of Tralee has long held an important roll in world politics, with 2011 winner Tara Talbot being held responsible for sealing a deal with US president Barack Obama on pulling American troops out of Iraq.

“Sometimes a Rose’s decision works, and sometimes it doesn’t,” said lead festival organiser Oliver Hurley. “Tara believed she was doing the right thing at the time. How was she to know the consequences of the move?”

Along with negotiating international treaties, Rose of Tralee winners are also be expected to perform a list of other duties, including: ‘representing Ireland in the world mud-wrestling championships, serve 3 months as a personnel assistant to Denis O’Brien, must knit over 4,000 Aran jumpers in the 12 month period and, every roses favourite, serving meals on wheels in their local community every Friday lunchtime.

WWN wishes Maria all the best with the year ahead.