Charlie Haughey Drama To Contain 4,000% More Corruption Than House Of Cards



RTÉ’S autumn schedule was announced last week to much fanfare but up until now few details were known about returning dramas Love/Hate, The Fall and political drama Charlie.

Charlie will centre around the life of former Taosieach Charles Haughey and the makers of the show have confirmed to WWN that the drama will contain 4,000% more corruption than the popular US political drama House of Cards, which stars acting legend Kevin Spacey.

It is thought the two-part drama was initially slated to deal with the life of the former Taoiseach in detail, but such was the high level of scandals involving the former Fianna Fáil leader the programme will focus solely on the shadier side of Haughey’s political career.

The drama will cover offshore bank accounts, payments from wealthy businessmen, embezzling funds earmarked for Brian Lenihan Snr’s liver transplant and 432 other unethical incidents in a series of inventive and high quality shots of actor Aidan Gillen accepting brown envelopes.

“While considering the mise en scene of the piece the creators arrived at the decision to shoot a total of 500 scenes, all involving Gillen expertly encapsulating Haughey via the medium of acting and envelope receiving, it was a joy to watch,” a TV insider revealed to WWN.

RTÉ however, have been criticised for spending €200,000 on a large quantity of envelopes for the show’s scenes instead of just reusing the same envelope.

In the interest of balance RTÉ have been required to include a scene showing Haughey’s good side, such a scene was filmed after initial filming wrapped which sees the former Taoiseach hold the door open for a woman.

Charlie airs some time this autumn.