US Firms Blast Obama For ‘Magically Becoming Irish’ When It Suits Him



AMERICAN companies stationed in Ireland have today blasted US President Barack Obama for ‘Magically Becoming Irish’ when it suits him, following his latest attack on our country’s beautiful tax laws.

Mr. Obama accused US firms of ‘playing the system’ in Ireland through tax inversion deals, stating it was “illegal” and “wrong” of them to avail of the tax opportunities given for setting up Head Quarters here.

In a call out by Google CEO Larry Page, Barack Obama was painted as nothing more than a hypocrite who magically became Irish when it suited him: “Isn’t this the same guy who jumped at the chance to claim Irish ancestry? How convenient that must have been for him, considering the enormous numbers of Irish voters in America. You don’t see him flying to Kenya to have pints with distant relatives there now do you?”

In 2011, the US president accepted his Irish heritage after it was found he had distant relatives living in Monegal, prompting a state visit which was greeted openly by both the government and citizens alike.

However, since his comments last night, Mr. Obama has been stripped of his Irish heritage by members of the Monegal town council, claiming that “no son of Ireland would turn his back on his country like that’.

Town councilor James Rafferty told WWN that the president is no longer welcome “after that craic”.

“He can go fuck himself  now the cunt,” read an official statement released by Rafferty this morning. “You bend over backwards for fuckers they just shit on your doorstep.

We have decided to strip him of his Irish connection here indefinitely.”

Any person claiming to be a distant relative of the US president has since been told to leave the Monegal Parish by the local council.