Massive Diamond Engagement Ring Everything Dublin Girl Wanted In A Husband


diamond ring

Dublin girl Emer Reilly is said to be overjoyed after becoming engaged to a massive 3-carat diamond ring last night after dinner in the luxurious surroundings of the Shelbourne Hotel.

A wave of near uncontrollable happiness washed over Emer as she quickly updated the profile pictures on her Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Skype and Google Plus accounts to a picture of what her friends are calling ‘a big fuck off ring’.

The waiter then took several pictures of the happy couple at Emer’s request. Several photos featured the engagement ring next to a bottle of champagne, a glass of champagne and next to Emer’s face for the purpose of providing scale.

“Oh my God, just look at it, look, look. Look at it!” Emer joyously and slightly menacingly said on a Skype call to her best friend Orna, who now lives in Australia.

Orna, obviously intrigued solely by the massive diamond ring, asked Emer to tell her ‘every detail about the whole night, God, Dave is such a hero’.

“Oh Orna the cut is perfect,” Emer said as she carefully positioned her webcam to be 3cm away from the ring, “just look at the clarity, it’s perfect. Did I tell you, it’s 3 carats, you can probably tell though right? And it actually looks bigger in person. I’m so, so happy!”

Emer cursed herself as she had been so caught up in the joy of finding her dream engagement ring that she forgot to send a Snapchat around with accompanying ‘He put a ring on it’ text.

The delighted bride-to-be then rushed to her parents house to show them she has been asked to enter into a loving and long term commitment to a diamond engagement ring.

Dave, who has lived with Emer for the past two years, was then put under pressure to inform Emer of the cost of her beloved ring, so she could better describe its qualities to several co-workers and friends when they asked about it.