Pub Sit-In Staff Will “Run Out Of Beer At Some Stage” Hopes Bank


A SPOKESPERSON for the local branch of the bank of Ireland said today that former employees of the Park Inn bar in Waterford will ‘run out of beer at some stage’, during an ongoing sit-in protest at the premises.

Bank manager Tadgh Kennedy told WWN he hopes the beer in the lines will run out fairly soon, as the protest enters its seventh day.

“How much beer can be left there to drink?” posed Kennedy, who took charge of the Bank of Ireland branch in 2007. “This is just a glorified lock-in anyway. Sure they’ll leave once the kegs run dry.”

Nine workers at the Park Inn were called to a meeting with the business’s solicitor on Tuesday afternoon and told the pub was closing immediately, as “problems with the bank” couldn’t be resolved.

Mr. Kennedy stated it would benefit the bank more to close the bar, instead of keeping it open and generating business.

“The best thing here is to force the building into a derelict state – just like everywhere else in the city.” he explained. “This is Waterford, not fecking Los Vegas. Once the bar is left there long enough, we can then do whatever we want with it.

“In ten years time – when we do decide to give out credit again – nobody will even question why we sold the place on to a developer. It will make a lovely block of flats someday, and a tidy profit.”

“Its a win win really.” he concluded.