JobBridge Intern Not Correcting Staff When They Get His Name Wrong


WWN’s intern Kevin has begun to settle in following his first week as part of the JobBridge scheme.

Kevin experienced a coveted moment in the world of journalism; he almost witnessed his first editorial meeting from just down the hall at his desk.

Had he been able to hear through the dividing wall, Kevin would have gained an insight into a lot of the basics of working in a newsroom.

Coupled with that precious experience, Kevin has already learnt so much about the journalism profession. For example, next time he is instructed to go out on a coffee run Kevin will ask for a receipt as to ensure the accounts department can, in future, reimburse the €30 of his own money he spent.

While Kevin has been busy learning, unfortunately those in the office have yet to fully grasp his name.

Kevin, or ‘Kev’ as he prefers to be called, chose not to correct WWN’s head honcho Colm Williamson when he called him ‘Trev’ and with that Kevin’s predicament has snowballed.

The HR department in Ireland’s leading news publication have made it that bit harder by setting up his WWN email at [email protected].

Kevin made a valiant effort at correcting the error when signing off on an email to fashion reporter Terry Bull with ‘Regards, Kev’ however Bull simply pointed out the obvious mistake; ‘eh bit of a brain fart there Trev? Lol! Time to learn to spell again, I think, lol!’

At his mother Aine’s suggestion a disheartened Kevin is contemplating wearing a name tag or answering every phone call loudly with a ‘yes, this is KEVIN!’ while he anchors the reception desk between the hours of 7am-12pm.