Twins Just Delighted To Be Dressed Exactly The Same


Two years old twins Eloise and Elodie Duffy are believed to be overjoyed at the news that this evening’s costume change will see them dressed in identical outfits.
The twins were looking forward to a family dinner celebrating their second birthdays, but much of that excitement has now dulled upon learning they will probably never get to wear different outfits, ever.

“They will look positively adorable,” proclaimed their mother Jennifer Duffy when speaking to WWN earlier today. “See, they look very similar and they’re twins, so you have to dress them the same. There is quite literally no other option.”

While Eloise and Elodie will kick up little fuss when asked to dress in the exact same pink dresses it is believed that by the time they reach their mid-teens they plan on making their parents really pay for it.

“I reckon I’ll behave myself until about 14, then after that I’m just going to resent the living daylights out the parents for making me do this shit,” shared Eloise, the younger twins by 12 minutes.

WWN also interviewed the twins’ father Michael, who didn’t seem to share the same enthusiasm for the outfit etiquette as his wife. “I’ll be honest, I’m fairly confident that somewhere along the line, we mixed them up and I’ve no way of knowing, 100% like, who is who. It’s a nightmare.”

Jennifer disputed her husband’s claims: “Well, at first we had our system to identify them, name tags etc. But now it has evolved from there, Eloise has her fringe slightly to the left and Elodie’s is slightly more to the left. You can’t help but notice the difference.”