Lonely Irish Pensioner Actually ‘Quite Annoying’ Claim Neighbours


NEIGHBOURS of Irish pensioner James Gray have broken their silence today, with the majority of which stating that he is actually ‘quite annoying’ and very hard to get on with.

The 85-year-old turned to The Irish Post in desperation earlier this month, placing an advert in the hope of finding someone to spend December 25 with.

Since then, the retired butler, who is living in south London, has been inundated with offers from prospective companions.

However, long-time neighbours have since warned people to be wary of Mr. Grays ploy, claiming there is good reason why people chose to leave him alone at Christmas.

“I remember this one time we asked him to join us for dinner.” recalled neighbour Deirdre Jones. “He took off his shoes and socks and started picking at his toenails at the dinner table. Then he flicked debris from his feet onto the floor.”

Another neighbour claimed Mr. Jones regularly takes off into song mid-conversation, for no apparent reason.

“I met him in Tescos and we were talking about the weather and he suddenly started singing Rebecca Blacks Friday.” she said. “Then he opened a bottle of lemonade from the shelf and drank from it before burping into my face and putting it back.”

Sources in the area also claim that Gray likes to turn the television up full blast in the early hours of this morning and is known to send letters of complaint to various businesses in the area.

“He wouldn’t spend Christmas,” said one shop owner. “All he does is give out about how much everything costs and short changes you at every available opportunity.”

Mr Gray, who is originally from Midleton, Co Cork, told WWN that he is looking forward to being invited to peoples homes for ‘free food and drink’ over the festive season.