2013 Treasure Hunt Champions Arrested After Diggin Up €1 Million


The Gardaí are believed to have arrested two men in connection with the discovery of €1 million in a Limerick field over the weekend.

The two men, who are well known treasure hunt participants, are being held at Henry Street Garda station in Limerick, under the Criminal Justice (Drug Trafficking) Act, 1996.

There has been a degree of public outcry following the arrest of the men as it has come to light they are this year’s reigning Treasure Hunt Champions.

The annual contest often results in participants discovering large quantities of cash as a reward for their persistence and local knowledge.

Gardaí apprehended the mean upon discovering them digging up the money in a field. The men were believed to have come into possession of a map which had a number of amusing pirate symbols drawn on to it and the location of a treasure chest.

Head of the annual Treasure Hunt Championships, Donnacha Folan, spoke exclusively to WWN about the ordeal. “I feel in my heart, it is a mix up. It has to be. These lads, I know them, they are dedicated treasure hunters. It was all for the love of the game,” said a visibly shaken Mr. Folan.

“Next year’s championship is in doubt. Our sponsors Captain Morgan’s are threatening to pull out and everything. The games survive on volunteers and I’ve no one to make the maps now so I’ve resorted to watching old episodes of Art Attack! for tips.”

While the Gardaí were unavailable for comment it is widely speculated that they are burying the money in another location for safe keeping while drawing up a new map.