World’s Most Advanced Robot Going Through Awkward Teenage Phase


ASIMO, who currently holds the title of the world’s most advanced robot, is reportedly going through the awkward teenager phase.

ASIMO’s creator Honda have been quick to reiterate that is in fact just a phase and he will grow out of it.

It is believed ASIMO, as a sentient robot, has developed a social anxiety common in all teenagers. His handlers at Honda have admitted he has become grumpy, withdrawn and with a burgeoning sexuality he seems fixated on ‘the nuts and the bolts’. ASIMO’s bedroom walls are reportedly covered in posters of EVE from hit pixar movie Wall-e.

“His skin broke out in rust recently and I think he is quite self conscious of that fact. So he likes to stay in his room a lot. We try to keep him focused on his homework, but sure he is always glued to the TV, watching Home and Away or I’m A Celebrity – it’s not good for the motherboard,” shared Honda worker Hiro Shibo.

Like all concerned parents those at Honda worry constantly about ASIMO and his behaviour, but ultimately want the best for him. “We always thought he would go on to work in research and development,” Shibo admitted, “well, that’s what we want for him; a good career. But all he talks about night and day is ‘I’m going to join Daft Punk’. Of course he should have ambition and dream a little, but he won’t hear reason on this at all.”

WWN attempted to interview ASIMO, but he refused to leave his room.