Future Serial Killer Beginning To Tire Of Her Parents



Future serial killer Rachel O’Dowd is really starting to tire of her parents’ bullshit.

Rachel, aged 6, is struggling with the basic concept of empathy and it’s not being helped in the slightest by her parent’s implementation of ‘rules’, ‘showing respect’ and ‘bedtime’.

While Rachel’s drawings have increasingly involved the maiming of her father it was the whole ‘play nice’ concept which sealed her parents’ fate.

Although not entirely sure of who to kill first Rachel is quite sure that if she isn’t allowed ice cream before her dinner this evening she will begin looking for a good place to bury the bodies.

Rachel’s parents have been continually belittling her in front of other people often bringing up details of her personal life she did not want shared.

“Well, yeah, she’s still wetting the bed poor girl,” Rachel’s mother was overheard saying on the phone to God knows who.

The final straw for Rachel was being told to go to bed at 8 pm as ‘Mommy and Daddy have to go to bed too’ but as she lay in bed she could clearly hear her parents watching all Iron Man movies back-to-back.