‘You Don’t Know Me’ Says Rihanna On Social Media Platforms Where She Details Every Minute Of Her Life


POP sensation Rihanna has responded to recent criticism by posting a riposte on her 84 social media profiles.

The popular singer was hitting back at critics that felt they could comment on the singer’s lifestyle choices due to the video for latest single ‘Pour It Up’ and her strong social media presence.

Rihanna took aim at media outlets The Daily Mail, TMZ, E! and more reputable sources such as the shit on your shoe.

“You don’t me, know me,” began the 25-year-old’s statement posted on Twitter, Facebook, Instragram, Google Plus+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, LiveJournal and even Bebo.

“Just because you have intimate knowledge of my body thanks to the 12,435 photos I have posted in the last 24 hours and have seen the 700 bathing suits I own you think you know me?

“You don’t. Just because you are privy to my stream consciousness you think you know me well you don’t,” continued the singer known as RiRi to fans who have a deep hatred of names longer than four letters.

Rihanna’s statement then went to use the word ‘haters’ 65 times before concluding once more that there is no way any individual, group or news organisation could possibly have even the slightest notion as to what her daily life is like.