Planets Future Relying Solely On Galway Mans Environmentalist Facebook Posts


THE FUTURE of the entire planet is relying solely on scruffy Galway man, Donnacha Ui Muireagain’s, environmentalists facebook posts, it emerged today.

Mr. Ui Muireagain, who uploads several informative graphs relating to the state of the world we live in every day, said he is probably the ‘epicentre’ of the fight against capitalism and the ongoing ‘raping’ of our planets resources.

“I’m just trying to educate the sheep out there who unknowingly continue to fund and encourage global capitalisation by buying into the system.” said the 25-year-old Salthill man. “People are so engulfed in their own lives that they can’t see the forest with all the trees.”

The long-time unemployed basket weaver told WWN that the mainstream media played a big part in the global ‘cover-up’, claiming they were only protecting their own vested interests in the exploitation of the Earth’s natural resources.

“They’re all in on it together man.” explained Ui Muireagain. “Everyone is so distracted with television and social media these days that don’t seem to have any idea about the real truth.”

“I’m here to change all that by posting detailed environmentalist infographs, right onto their news feeds.”

In 2008, Mr. Ui Muireagain made local news headlines when he successfully stopped the cutting down of a four year old birch tree in his local housing estate,  by chaining himself to it for five whole days.

However, the tree died four weeks later due to damage he caused while trying to unravel himself from it.

“That was a kind of bitter sweet victory for me in a way.” he said. “If anything, I think it showed the people around here that I am serious about my beliefs.”

The son of two said he will continue to fight for the planets survival on his computer from the comfort of his state subsidised flat.