No.10: Murdoch Briefs Cameron On The Next Four Years Of ‘Beaking News’


CHAIRMAN and chief executive officer of News Corp Rupert Murdoch has been to Downing Street for the unveiling of the up and coming storyboards for ‘breaking news’.

The 79 year old media czar invited the new prime minister to a preview of all the major news stories that cover his next four years in office. Mr Murdoch is believed to have offered Cameron a sneek peek of the future as he briefed the PM on the script and story board lay outs which were created in-house by his news corporation.

His spokesman this morning said that the Prime Minister was looking forward to welcoming the News chief to Downing Street and was optimistic about his own future in government.

The news script, which was written by 17 ghost writers from both the United States and England, has been a talking point for many. It is reported that Cameron will be advised on war strategies, news scripts and public speeches. A post-Murdoch meeting has also been arranged for the members of Parliament later today: there they will get a brief summary on their future roles in goverment.

Mr Camerons spokesman described the unveiling as “a very historic and special occasion. Never before have the public been given these privileges. News controls our lives and to have it opened up like this is very refreshing indeed. The public can now prepare for the future and not have to worry about unwanted surprises.”

“The Prime Minister made a short speech in which he thanked Mr.Murdoch for the contribution he has made to the story of man-kind,” he said.

One of the many story boards have already been released to the press earlier this week. It gives a small but dramatic glimpse of January and February 2011.