Dole Queue Causes 2 Hour Traffic Jam.


UNEMPLOYED people of Waterford once again formed a queue stretching 3km from the social welfare offices, on the Cork road, down to the end of Parnell street today.

Traffic came to a total stand still from 9am to 11am this morning as there was no way around the huge volumes of people who were waiting patiently to sign on their monthly dole slips.

Some people even resorted to sleeping in the social welfare car park last night so as they could be finished signing early.

“I set up camp here at 9 o clock last night to avoid the queue. Imagine my surprise when I got here to find that another couple of hundred people had the same idea. Its like a tinkers yard here. Its a f**king joke.” said one very angry man.

The majority of the people were only coming in tosign on, leave and then go to work. City residents have also complained about litter and noise in the area since the queues started invading their streets.

Local counciller James Keegan stated that the system itself has to change in order to cope with the vast quantity of people waiting to sign on.

CSO figures claim that this mornings 2 hour traffic jam cost local businesses around 1.3 million euro.