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Cyclist Wearing Aerodynamic Helmet Thinks He’s A Fucking Pro Or Something

A COUNTY Waterford cyclist who was spotted travelling on the Tramore to Waterford road wearing an aerodynamic helmet thinks he’s a fucking pro or something, concluded absolutely everyone who witnessed the man in transit. Cycling with his head down on the handlebars in a bid to “limit the drag”, trainee accountant Stephen Power managed to shave a staggering 4.3 seconds… Read more »

‘We Only Cycle To Annoy Other Road Users’ Admits Cyclist

A COUNTY Waterford cyclist has admitted today that the only reason he travels from A to B is to annoy other road users. Michael Power explained that the majority of cyclists across the country have been conspiring against motorists for years. When asked why he does it he replied: “It’s fun I suppose. I just love cycling… Read more »