Meet The Cork Man Who Wears Custom Shoes Made From Fitzgerald Park Grass So He Technically Never Leaves The County Even When Abroad


TO LOOK at him Tim Leamy appears at first to be an unremarkable Corkonian; regular and boring in his appearance, his chest emblazoned with a tattoo of Cillian Murphy and Christy Ring, subsiding on a diet of Hillbillies and yelling ‘Cork’ from a megaphone. Utterly banal.

However, beneath the unassuming exterior, Leamy has a Cork pride bubbling in his bloodstream that is ready to burst forth.

“The old fella never left Cork, my mam was the same, and I’ve never wanted to leave Cork and so I never have,” an intense Cork-headed Leamy explained to WWN in an interview conducted in London.

“I’m in Cork now,” Leamy said, pointing to his footwear clad in turf plucked from Cork’s Fitzgerald Park which means technically he never has to soil his being with the inferior soil of foreign lands.

Leamy, who regrettably studied in Dublin for four years, did so in his unique footwear, but what of this interview, conducted sitting in the beer garden of a north London pub, surely placing your backside down counts?

“It might be London for a gom like you, but like I said! I’m in Cork,” Leamy repeated, revealing a pair of underwear stitched with yet more Cork based grass.

The ruse allows Leamy to preserve his sense of complete superiority and utter indifference to a world outside Cork.

“Sure why would I leave Cork? Everything worth seeing is here,” Leamy said from a pub in Stoke Newington.