Woman Mentions She’s One Of 12 Siblings Like It’s Nothing


LOCAL OFFICE WORKER Maeve Norton has yet again thrown the fact she is one of 12 siblings into casual conversation without the merest hint that she understands this is an excessive amount of siblings for a young woman to have in Ireland in the 2020s.

“She’s not even from one of them boring counties where people living out in the sticks probably have nothing better to be doing than riding, she’s from Galway!” remarked Norton’s co-worker Helen Corliss, who had just learned of the 23-year-old’s usually large family.

Norton, whose cohort of siblings includes only a single instance of a set of twins, is regularly greeted with a flurry of astonished questioning whenever someone first learns of the size of her family but to this day still operates with an air of someone who grew up on a street with endless rows of houses overflowing with children, 6 to a bunk bed.

Refusing to acknowledge the bewilderment of colleagues when she explains her mother is 52, and not a 91-year-old little shopping trolley pushing woman with curlers in her hair copy and pasted directly from a Reeling In Years 1961 episode, it’s unclear if Norton can detect the incredulous reactions of other people.

Stone-faced reactions to inquiries as to the family’s bathroom routines, transport arrangements, final bills at restaurants further cemented Norton as an ‘odd fish altogether’.

“Mammy was pregnant for 7.5 years out of a 9 year stretch and you’d find a picture of the Loch Ness monster easier than you would of Mammy not pregnant but sure isn’t that the way with all families,” said Norton in dull spaced out tones, “did I feel we were different, no? But maybe Sean, Shona, Micheal, Dina, Noel, Cliona, Ciaran, Shona 2, Ciara, Diarmuid and Anna would disagree”.