Western Leaders Happy With Children, Doctors, Aid Workers & Journalists Being Killed For 43rd Day In A Row


“YUP, THIS seems proportional. Carry on, don’t mind us,” confirmed a depressingly high number of Western leaders for a 43rd day in a row as the IDF continues it assault on Gazan civilians.

The latest shrug of the shoulders delivered by many leaders has been noted by writers of history books.

“Well now, it wasn’t like the IDF bombed FIVE UN-run schools sheltering innocent people yesterday, it was only two,” reasoned German Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

“Looking at polls which say 70% of 18-to-34 year old Americans are vehemently pro-ceasefire, I think we can say my moral courage in trying to gift the IDF more bombs to murder journalists, children and aid workers is really resonating with voters,” added Joe Biden.

Western leaders promised to comment on news the IDF deliberately attacked a convoy transporting staff from Médecins Sans Frontières but admitted it is hard to generate such a high a volume of excuse-making statements.

“We are proud to call Netanyahu our democratic ally not because this is most deadly conflict for journalists in 40 years but because they won’t let foreign correspondents into Gaza and when they do journalists must be accompanied by the IDF and have all footage examined by them,” offered Canadian PM Justin Trudeau.

The leaders also noted their ‘extreme concern’ after a protest condemning Israel’s actions, which has so far resulted in 1 in 57 Gazans either murdered or injured, contained ‘raised voices’.

“We are looking into laws which criminalise Arab looking people from getting emotional in public about ethnic cleansing of Palestinians,” confirmed Emmanuel Macron.

Elsewhere, health professionals from WHO are the latest individuals to be added to the list of potential members of Hamas after they gained access to the Al Shifa hospital and described the hospital as a ‘death zone’ and spoke of seeing a mass grave on site with at least 80 patients buried in it.