Russian Investigators Cleared Putin Of Downing Wagner Plane 7 Days Ago


“WE ALREADY told you this over a week ago, Mr Putin had nothing to do with the tragic accident which happened yesterday,” confirmed Russian aviation crash investigators to assembled Russian media in the wake of a plash crash which resulted in the death of Wagner group leader Yevgeny Prigozhin.

The man behind an attempted mutiny in June perished yesterday in a jet that crashed in Tver region in an incident Rosaviatsia, the Russian aviation authority, said was an unplanned, completely out-of-the-blue accident. While Prigozhin died aged 62, he was 496 years old in enemy-of-Putin years.

“Being able to prove Mr Putin had no involvement in the plane accident a full week before it actually happened should go some way to restoring trust in Russian institutions,” explained one investigator who was saddened by people’s rush to point the finger of blame at an innocent man.

The investigator praised Mr Putin’s eagerness to cooperate with their inquiries, showing a humble side rarely reported.

“When he rang me last week to inform me Progozhin would die but that he had nothing to do with it. He asked how my wife and three daughters were doing, that he knew what school they went to, my daily routine and I thought wow that’s classy when he could have just had one of his underlings ring me,” confirmed the investigator.

The incident led to some Russians expressing relief as the downing of a private jet owned by the Russian mercenary and the killing of 10 people onboard finally proves Russia’s anti-aircraft systems actually work following a spate of successful drone attacks on Moscow.