Country Endures Another Day Of The Least Transparent Fuckers On This Island Calling For Transparency At RTÉ


AS IF living in a gombeenocracy wasn’t enough punishment, a weary nation has been subjected to endless grandstanding from politicians calling out RTÉ board members for their lack of transparency which has been labeled ‘peak pot calling kettle black’.

“It’s a bit rich, like Jeff Bezos rich, for these evasive, never-answer-a-straight-question chancers to be laying into people for giving evasive answers,” asserted the Irish public, who couldn’t get the Spiderman pointing meme out of their head as they watched proceedings.

Unable to find the words when it comes to being questioned on why they haven’t registered rental properties with the RTB or on their election donations among countless other examples, Irish politicians across the divide found their voice when accusing RTÉ board members of doing the thing politicians do every day.

“How dare you give the sort of rambling, circular, half-hearted non-answer I give whenever I’m asked why my party failed to act on claims of bullying within the party or why I backed a maternity hospital being handed over to nuns,” said one TD, hoping a flashy Tiktok video of them going apeshit at RTÉ suits will be enough to secure another 5 years on the gravy train come next election.

“Is it too much to ask for some transparency and honesty?” bemoaned one government TD, who was also busy helping the Minister for Justice pull a fast one with legislation aimed at protecting Big Tech in Ireland from scrutiny when it comes to the exploitation of people’s personal data.

UPDATE: Ireland is now going through a Motilium shortage due to the high levels of nausea experienced from watching politicians call for honesty.