Breakthrough As First News Article In Over A Decade Written Without Aid Of Embedded Tweets


THE IRISH media are celebrating a groundbreaking achievement which is set to serve as a model for international media outlets throughout the world.

Availing of funds from Future Journalism initiative a group of journalists from several leading publications pooled resources and after months of effort finally and successfully produced a news article without the use of embedded tweets or other social media postings.

“It had to be explained to me that once, in the before times, articles came fully formed and you had to do all the heavy lifting yourself, rather than just have a headline that ended with ‘and people on Twitter are divided about X’,” explained naive junior journalist, 35-year-old Tom Gallens.

The article in question entitled ‘The Current Price Of Milk’ detailed the current retail price of a pint of milk in leading supermarkets without embedding social media postings from supermarket or milk producers to fill space and maximise the number of intrusive adverts which could be worked onto the page.

“And the article wasn’t even prompted by an establishing tweet from someone with 200-odd followers who said ‘can you believe they’re charging this much for bainne, world’s gone mad’,” beamed one proud sub-editor.

The group would not be drawn on whether any subsequent online articles would attempt to replicate this format, but insisted conversations around the subject could potentially be had once months of sufficient rest and recuperation were completed.