Russia Issues 437,819th Warning To The West


THE KREMLIN has today issued a grave warning to the West over its conduct, stating in the strongest terms that there will be consequences if Ukrainian pilots are taught to fly F-16s and other modern fighter jets which has been discussed by US president Joe Biden and other leaders.

The threat is believed to be the 437,819th issued by Russia to the West this week.

“Where do we put the F-16 warnings again? Do they go in with the nuclear bombing ones?” queried one admin official at NATO, reluctant to walk up a level where the dedicated ‘Russia’s nuclear war threats’ floor is.

“Can we can get more storage space, ‘the west is controlled by the gay agenda’ box is full here,” remarked another official processing as many as 10,000 idle threats a day.

The fresh political brinkmanship from Russia comes as an anti-Putin militia the Freedom of Russia Legion claimed to have crossed the border from Ukraine into Russia and overrun the settlement of Kozinka in Belgorod.

“Let this be a lesson to the West, you can arm Ukraine on 12,308 separate occasions but if you do so for a 12,309th time you cannot fathom in your wildest dreams the stuff I will do those nations involved,” offered Putin, whose bluff has been called so many times he has had to remove his phone number from the phone book.