What These Famous Faces Had To Say About Visiting Ireland


AS A NATION we frequently take pride in the fact that Ireland is one of the most beautiful and welcoming places on earth, but did you know that this is an opinion shared by some of the most famous people on the planet?

Check out what these famous faces had to say about their treasured time on our island:

“The people are so friendly in Dublin, they kept offering to walk me back to my Airbnb and move in” – Ryan Reynolds on the city’s newly evicted.

“Before visiting I wasn’t aware of the extent of the flourishing wildlife” – Dua Lipa on witnessing a seagull peck a man on an e-scooter to death.

“It’s the most moving and majestic thing I’ve ever laid eyes on” – Brian Cox on witnessing a 2am drunken brawl in Supermacs on Eyre Square.

“I only care for stars, other planets” – the other Brian Cox.

“I thought it very clever, inventive. I knew you were an artistic people but the man hours it must have taken to build such a large-scale and realistic replica of Hell, bravo” – Kevin Hart on visiting Waterford.

“The stone, what is it called again? Kissing that was so funny and quaint” – Bruce Springsteen on being tricked into kissing a random stone he thought was the Blarney stone and being charged €50 by a man in Cork for the pleasure.

“I was most impressed by the black sludge” Meryl Streep on either drinking a pint of Guinness or the state of our waterways and beaches.

“What does ‘get in me way again ‘n I’ll fuckin’ burst ya ye durty cunt’ mean? Is it the beautiful Irish language I have heard so much of, a greeting perhaps?” – Antonio Banderas

“I want my money back” – Jeff Bezos angrily clutching a receipt from a Dublin city pub.

“I was just so happy Evan Ferguson gave me his autograph” – Lionel Messi.

“Ew” – any number of Kardashians.