The Real & Sinister Reasons Dublin City Council Is Banning Private Cars From College Green


PRIVATE CARS will no longer be permitted on College Green in Dublin from the end of May. While the decision is being celebrated by locals and cycling enthusiasts, behind Dublin City Council’s decision there lies seriously sinister motivations.

How does WWN know this? Because we talked to our cousin Barry, and he’s in an invite-only Facebook group called ‘Chemtrail Vaccines Soros’.

Here’s what we learned from our ten-hour conversation with Barry about ’15-minute cities’, during which he never once drew breath or blinked:

– It’s not even green, there’s no grass but Big Pedestrian doesn’t want you to know that.

– Trinity College Dublin sits on College Green and what does TCD also stand for? That’s right, The Cycling Dystopia.

– ‘College Green’ has four letter e’s which as we all know when written out together reads ‘eeee’ but when said aloud sounds exactly like the brain frying high-pitched frequencies emitted by 5G towers. Coincidence? Yeah, probably actually. Barry admits he might be overthinking this particular one.

– This is all part of the NWO’s plot called The Great Recycle to turn everyone into a bicycle. Barry was 18 Red Bulls in at this point, so he was really finding his flow.

– The more projects like this that are announced the less chance you’ll notice homeless asylum seekers sleeping in rows of tents. Fair point.

– It’s all about population control, the DCC, the government, Soros, they all want to take away your right to sit in traffic on College Green for 40 minutes as you go slowly insane, but ask yourself why? The 46A was on Epstein’s flight logs to his island.

– Other than taxis, public buses, private coaches and commercial vans, there’s no vehicles permitted, and we all know this is because the DCC is taking kickbacks from those hen and stag parties using those pedal bike yokes.