Paul Murphy Proposes Nationalising Landlord TDs


FRESH OFF the back of proposing Landlord TDs abstain from voting on his proposed rent reduction bill Paul Murphy, becoming slowly intoxicated on a diet of Mao Tse Tung Youtube recap videos, has taken his efforts one step further.

“With assets, profits and cash concentrated among the richest few in Ireland it is not enough to ask landlord TDs to recuse themselves form a vote, we must nationalise landlord TDs outright,” Murphy said, in yet another address to the Dáil he had to insist was not a prank.

Initially criticised as the usual lefty-loopy nonsense, a number of hardline fiscally conservative voters changed their tune after realising nationalising Robert Troy alone would net the State 40,000 homes.

“If Niall Collins is a landlord he counts as at least three when you factor in his aliases,” offered one now enthusiastic member of the public.

Stressing how being a landlord TD was a conflict of interest when it comes to voting on proposed legislation aimed at enhancing renters’ rights, Murphy unintentionally inspired TDs to fully undertake his request across all matters before the Dáil.

“I should probably recuse myself from all housing votes seen as I’m a renter,” offered one TD, ushering in a new era of strict adherence acknowledging potential conflicts of interest.

“Yeah but more because I just don’t really care about people,” chimed another TD.

“I recuse myself from upcoming votes on the night time economy because I’m an absolute fiend for the pints,” said one TD on his way to the Dáil bar.