Lucky Waterford Man Wins €5mn Accumulator Bet After Correctly Picking Horses Killed At Aintree


ECSTATIC Waterford man Daniel O’Faylon has left bookies reeling this week after successfully choosing the correct horses to perish at this year’s Aintree festival, WWN reports.

The accumulator bet on racehorses Hill Sixteen, Dark Raven and Envoye Special won Mr. O’Faylon €5 million euros, a first in sports betting which usually requires punters to bet on the winning horse, and not the ones that die for the sport.

“Since 46 horses died on UK tracks so far this year I said I’d try and predict which ones will be euthanised at Aintree,” the delighted 53-year-old explained his reasoning, “yeah, some people may say it’s a cruel thing to do, but not as cruel as stud farms here and in the UK sending tens of thousands of racehorses to meat factories every year because they simply can’t run fast enough”.

Meanwhile, police arrested 118 protesters at the racing festival after they delayed the prestigious Grand National by breaching security fences and locking themselves to jumps, much to the disgust of the alcohol fueled crowd of wealthy middle-class spectators, millionaire trainers and billionaire racehorse owners baying manically from the stands.

“They should have been shot when they tried scaling that fence,” one Irish Horse Trainer told WWN, not talking about the horses for once, still furious at the fact the flagship race was delayed by several excruciating minutes and giving his investors mini heart attacks, “have these idiots no idea the amount of money riding on these horses?”