Film Aired On TV


Waterford Whispers News can exclusively confirm that RTÉ aired a movie a number of days ago in a pime time evening slot.

The film, The Snapper is deemed an Irish classic and stars actors actoring throughout the course of the film, which WWN can confirm is made of moving images and sounds.

However, WWN can now exclusively reveal that a ‘warning’ preceded the movie, alerting viewers to the fact ‘Just to remind you, this movie is set in a different time and highlights attitude that some people might find upsetting’.

WWN could send its intern to Twitter to find tweets by people with 14 followers who claim this is the most ridiculous thing/a sensible pre-viewing warning to stir up a completely contrived debate but we just weren’t arsed.

Resources are limited in 21st century media publications and while it was tempting to try to manufacture an outrage to convince you thousands of people were spitting mad at the ‘warning’ we’ll probably just let the intern go home early and promise to teach them how to write on article that doesn’t use random people’s social media posts tomorrow.

We’re not even going to let our dose of an opinion columnist copy and paste the word ‘snowflakes’ 600 times and call it an article.

If you feel let down by WWN, we can only apologise and if you are still in need of your daily outrage fix look no further than the following headline:

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