Meet The Couples Who Just Said ‘Fuck It, You’ll Do’


THEY’RE the sort of people whose opinions are discounted when it comes to relationships, they’re marginalised by those in stick to the delusion that romance permeates every aspect of a couple and is sustained for life.

But now they’ve had enough of being silenced and ignored and WWN is happy to do its part for a more inclusive Ireland when it comes to the full spectrum of relationships. Meet the couples who just said ‘fuck it, you’ll do’ and settled:

“We didn’t meet at a ‘singles night’, technically it was a ‘desperates night’. It’s similar but with a desperates night whoever you leave with you have to marry,” Dave (37), Carlow.

“I left the notion of romance for the movies, he has all his own teeth and he works in the civil service. That’s all I need,” Miriam (41), Kilkenny.

“He was very much my ‘back up’ while I waited for my ex to see sense but 8 years later hear we are, imagine the effort of breaking up? Nah, we’re in too deep now,” Shona (30), Galway.

“She’s steady and reliable and she always goes down on me on my birthday, you can keep all that ‘love of my life’ shite. Also I can’t afford leaving the house and moving into an apartment by myself,” Damien (49) Cork.

“There was no going back after we met, not because I knew she was the one but because I let myself go to complete shit, sure like who else would have me?” Conor (31), Wicklow.

“He does my head in, I actively hate him, he’s a terrible father, but that’s still not enough to make go back on those fucking dating apps, not a chance,” Paula (34), Waterford.

“Rom-coms have a lot to answer for. I spent years waiting for a ‘you complete me’ speech, but himself only said ‘I love you’ once and that was only when he was drunk and he thought I was my sister,” Fionnula (55), Louth.

“Ah it’s grand like, she’s given up tearing into me when I fart in bed and if that’s not love then I don’t want it,” Noel (39) Kerry.