Couple Caught Smuggling Snacks With Street Value Of €16 Into Cinema


GARDAÍ IN Dublin are celebrating an impressive seizure as part of Operation Snack Sneak, which has seen the force working side by side with cinema chains to bring an end to the scourge of people trying to avoid exorbitant snack prices in cinemas by smuggling in their own supplies.

Paraded in front of cameras in handcuffs like they were the Peru Two, Leah Feeley and Jack Nolan, were arrested in the middle of a screening of John Wick 4 when one keen eyed cinema worker noticed the presence of tubes of Pringles, Coca Cola bottles and own brand supermarket bought sweets with a street value of €16.

“This is the largest seizure we’ve made to date and the individuals involved are looking at serious punishments,” explained arresting officer Garda Sean Shanahan.

“This operation wasn’t easy and I thank my 47 colleagues who were part of this raid, and I apologise to the one officer who had to perform the cavity searches, but the fact these sick criminals were storing as many as eight Fredo bars up there proves it was worth it”.

In future, Feeley and Nolan will be required to wear ankle monitors which beep upon entering a cinema, alerting staff to their presence. Staff will then place the pair through an X-Ray machine which is designed to identify smuggled-in snacks. Those wearing ankle monitors are then forced to strip down and wear clear plastic bags making snack sneaking impossible.

As if the dramatic arrest was enough, another elite Garda Unit entered the cinema premises as part of Operation How Much? and arrested the cinema operator for charging €8 for some fucking popcorn.