Legend! Ambassador For Qatar’s Human Rights Abuses Has Pint In Dublin!


DUBLIN was sprinkled with some glittery celebrity dust recently when David Beckham, yes THE David Beckham (famous for taking money from the Qatari regime to act as a distraction from their appalling human rights record) popped into one of Ireland’s most finest pubs!

Beckham was in The Long Hall sinking pints in Dublin as some of Qatar’s LGBT activists were in prison for a long haul, and while Beckham was just metres from The George in Dublin he is miles away from getting a hard time from this news publication all because he drank GUINNESS!

That’s right we may have run dozens of articles weeks ago made from reaction Tweets to the news he was being paid to launder the reputation of Qatar and gloss over the deaths of thousands of migrant workers, but we’re abandoning all that because Ireland + Celebrity + Pint = Worshiped Like A God.

This will come as a relief to Beckham who may have had lingering doubts about whether there would be lasting damage to his reputation or continued scrutiny over his role in being a shill for the Qatari regime.

Rest assured David, just like you never had anything to say about how raped World Cup organising committee worker Paola Schietekat was threatened with 7 years in prison and 100 lashes, we’ll stay mum about the fact you moved onto Coors Light after taking one sip of the black stuff.

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