What Chinese Cameras Captured In Leinster House


THERE are substantial security concerns around the presence of CCTV cameras in Leinster House which were supplied by Chinese firm Hikvision, whose cameras have been banned in a number of Western nations including Australia as recently as last week.

With the Chinese Communist Party a stakeholder in the firm and a report that data from cameras installed in Italy were sent back to China, there are fears that the Chinese government could have eyes on the private and strictly confidential business within the Oireachtas.

Here’s what the Chinese will have seen:

One individual in a big office consistently typing ‘Mary Lou McDonald in a balaclava robbing ATMs’ into Google.

Several criminals openly walking the halls, undisturbed by security and gardaí.

An odd traditional Irish ceremony in which politicians gather around a large printer and pat each other on the back while saying ‘It only cost €2 million’.

Lots of politicians meeting with people from the construction and tech industries, despite the fact you’ll find no record of these in politicians’ official diaries.

Dáil debates in which a tyrannical western government proudly state stealing money from disabled people and nursing home residents is okay because their top legal mind says they don’t have to pay any of the money back.

Other individuals in offices, who should be in the Dáil, spending the afternoon uploading their new rentals ads on Daft.ie.

Paul Murphy wearing Chairman Mao pyjamas.

Eamon Ryan crying because for the 12th day running his bike has been stolen and replaced with heads of lettuce arranged in the shape of a bike.

The Healy Rae brothers speaking to one another with impeccable south Dublin accents.

Government officials discussing the secret Chinese police outpost on Capel Street and concluding ‘ah leave them to it’.

Debate on whether or not to condemn the Uyghur Muslim camps and pass sanctions against China before deciding to allow the CCP to continue flooding Ireland’s educational insitutes and business community with investment in a bid to compromise and buy the State off.