“I’ve Missed This”: Netanyahu Gets Back Into The Swing Of Things


WITH the Israeli army conducting air raids which have killed at least 10 people in Gaza in response to rocket fire from militants, recently re-installed PM Benjamin Netanyahu confessed to finally feeling like he’s back again.

“I missed this,” said Netanyahu, wiping a solitary tear from his face as he watched a live feed of a sustained but indiscriminate air raids, which listed a 61-year-old female civilian among the casualties and comes days after commandos raided the West Bank.

“Playing Call of Duty: West Bank at home just doesn’t have the same feeling, and the thrash talk isn’t as intense” confirmed Netanyahu, who laughed off US calls for calm and restraint.

With the IDF preventing ambulances from entering the Jenin refugee camp, Israel’s leader confessed that it was these sorts of horrendous acts he dreamed of during his exile from the office of the PM.

Netanyahu didn’t comment on suggestions that the sudden ramping up of military response was in anyway connected with wanting to distract from criticism and debates surrounding his controversial proposals for sweeping judicial reforms which critics in Israel say erases democratic checks and balances and could deter foreign investment.

“No silly, this is to distract from the corruption trial stuff,” offered Netanyahu, before adding that he feels these latest strikes could eclipse the 2014 Gaza beach bombings as his finest work.