Gareth Bale Joins LIV Tour


FOLLOWING his retirement from professional football Gareth Bale has sensationally signed up for the LIV golf, WWN Sport can exclusively reveal.

Having taken up playing golf full time a number of years ago Bale is now set to turn professional and play among some of the world’s leading morally murky golfers.

“It’ll take a while to get used to the lack of crowds and not wearing something with my name and number on the back of it but I’m excited,” admitted Bale at his official unveiling.

Bale conceded that playing for a power hungry regime that will stop at nothing to achieve its goals is tough but having left Real Madrid that’s all behind him now.

A precondition of joining the LIV tour means Bale must commit to the mantra ‘Golf, Sportswashing, Wales, in that order’ and not take up any other hobbies that could distract from his golf and aggravate injuries which would see him miss tournaments.

Early practice rounds indicate Bale will finish somewhere near the bottom of the field during tournaments but is almost guaranteed a string of hole in ones if brought on in the closing holes at a high profile event or when representing Wales.