Royal Family Defend Breaking With Centuries Of Tradition By Condemning Racism


THE BRITISH royal family remains embroiled in a damaging scandal which has left them defending their decision to renounce centuries of protocol and break from tradition by condemning racism.

A reputation ruining incident has seen Prince William state that ‘racism has no place in our society’ after his godmother Lady Susan Hussey resigned from her Palace position after persisting in asking a black British woman ‘but where are you really from?’ at an event in Buckingham Palace.

“This is a disgrace, his grandmother the Queen is barely in the ground and they’re already trampling over tradition. She secretly lobbied the government so she could be exempt from race and sex discrimination laws, and banned ethnic minorities from office roles in the Palace and here comes William thinking he knows better… it’d make you sick,” confirmed one avid royalist.

While Prince William says touring former colonies like they’re human safaris and expecting to be waited on hand and foot by the natives will continue indefinitely, racism is now no longer tacitly approved and endorsed by the British royal family.

“I always said it would go down hill under Charles but never this quick. Racism too good for you now is it? It was good enough for the Empire but what, you lot are above that now? Your own bloody father practically invented being casually racist,” voiced another disappointed Briton.

Elsewhere, royal family defenders have said yes racism is bad but Meghan Markle being proven right is infinitely worse.