‘Homelessness, Failing Healthcare, Corruption’ Human Rights Groups Object To Ireland Hosting Euro 2028


CITING A number of concerns, leading human rights groups have asked UEFA not to repeat FIFA’s mistake when it awarded the World Cup to Qatar by giving Ireland Euro 2028 hosting duties.

“This a regime which through its Direct Provision system treats asylum seekers as less than human,” confirmed a letter signed jointly by dozens of leading human rights groups.

“And rampant child abuse carried out by religious orders seems to routinely go without arrests of individuals or confiscation of assets from orders who covered it up. Hardly a modern country befitting of host status.”

“Nor can we guarantee the safety of female football fans travelling to Ireland due to its continued mistreatment of Mother and Baby Homes survivors and the fact nuns have been given the country’s largest maternity hospital,” explained one charity representative

NGOs also cited successive Irish regimes use of a mock trial mechanism known as a ‘tribunal’ in which the public are given the impression corrupt and law-breaking public figures will suffer legal consequences when nothing of the sort ever happens.

“Don’t be fooled by the Guinness and the craic, this is a rogue country which thinks making a child wait 8 years for a routine scoliosis surgery isn’t a form of torture. They worship hotels and tourists like Gods while families sleep on the streets,” added a human rights expert.

Football fans have expressed trepidation at the possibility of games being hosted at the Aviva and Croke Park stadiums.

“The human rights abuses I don’t mind, it’s the fact they don’t have a metro to the fucking airport that worries me,” said one fan.