Town Struggles To Contain Its Excitement As Local Radio Station Roadster Parks Outside Shopping Centre


THERE ARE fears this afternoon for inhabitants of the wider Waterford area who may be at risk of ecstatic overstimulation owing to the fact a local radio station is taking its mid-afternoon 2-4pm slot on the road.

Since 7am this morning, Verve FM has excitedly been informing the Waterford public that it will broadcasting from a shopping centre, giving people the chance to actually see the exterior of a van from which a real life radio broadcast is literally taking place live.

“Yeah we’ve been putting it out on all the socials this morning, Tik Tok, Snapchat and that. A conservative estimate is that we can expect floods of mental Verve FM fans to head down to City Square, we’re talking 50,000 people minimum,” remarked DJ Kevin ‘Higgster’ Higgins.

Reports of pensioners passing out from ‘excessive excitement’ are yet to be confirmed but it’s hard to dispute such rumours when you consider they have the chance to be within spitting distance of a radio DJ playing the same Picture This song 8 times before a ‘mega giveaway’ competition involving a €20 Penneys voucher.

In a bid to bring anticipation to fever pitch levels, Verve FM’s official Instagram page uploaded a picture featuring two transition year work experience girls known as ‘The Vervettes’ posing in branded hoodies next to a Verve branded Fiat Cinquecento.

“Jaysis! Listeners, it’s like a One Direction concert down here, absolute bedlam,” DJ Higgins told the outside crowd of one yelping dog tied to a pole while its owner went to get some messages.