Reckless & Insane Corbyn Advocating Brexit Deal That Won’t Cripple Britain Financially


BRITISH Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has been labelled ‘reckless and insane’ by tabloids who have condemned the party’s U-turn on their Brexit stance, as the out of control communist tyrant seeks a way to stave off the economic ruin of Britain.

Outraged by a proposal that suggests Britain stay in the customs union and the single market for a transitional period of up to 4 years, The Daily Mail called for looney leftie Corbyn to be sectioned under the mental health act while cautioning that if he was willing to change his mind on Brexit ‘what’s to say he isn’t murdering the Queen as we speak?’.

“This much reported change in policy signals the Labour party’s desire for a soft, flaccid Brexit which couldn’t begin to penetrate the EU no matter the type of stimulus package they can rouse. What we need is a hard and virile Brexit, a turgid proposal that could part the seas the EU so desperately want to control,” confirmed PM Theresa May playing to hardline Conservatives who desire a hard Brexit as well as smutty innuendo.

Corbyn, known to his inner circle of Labour confidants as Dear Supreme Comrade Stalin, is set to alienate hardline and patriotic Brexit voters who want to leave the EU immediately, while preferring to have no strategy or plan whatsoever as ‘that’s exactly what EU immigrants from India and Pakistan want us to have, a plan’ leading to his ousting as Labour’s socialist plotter in chief.

“Why anyone would want to see the least abrasive and damaging way to transition out of the EU for Britain is beyond me, I don’t like to use the words, but I fear for Corbyn’s sanity, next he’ll be slapping promises he can’t keep on the side of buses. It’s very sad to watch,” added Tory MP Boris Johnson.