Hero Motorist Engages Hazard Lights Approaching Obvious Queue Of Traffic


MOTORISTS travelling on the N7 to Dublin this morning have praised the driver of a red Ford Fiesta for preventing what would have been a multi car pile up, after cleverly engaging his hazard lights coming up to an obvious queue of traffic.

Despite being forewarned several times by signage pointing to a closed lane on the motorway, the quick thinking driver managed to take one hand off of the wheel while driving and press the hazard light button, in what fellow motorists are now calling “divine intervention”.

“It was like God himself took over the wheel,” recalled eyewitness Darren Stephens, who was two cars behind the hero, “fair enough, I did see all the warning signs that were scattered 500 meters along the route, counting down every hundred meters to the traffic bottleneck, but anyone of us on that road this morning could have just forgotten what lay ahead and ploughed into the large queue of traffic that could literally be seen from space”.

Following the incident, several commuters took to radio stations around the country to personally thank the unknown driver.

“I owe my life to that person,” one caller told a Dublin radio station that had nothing else newsworthy to be talking about, “I always thought those flashing lights were there to deter traffic wardens when you park on a double yellow line, and worked as a kind of cloaking device, as in, you can’t see cars when they’re turned on?”.

“Thankfully that particular kind of motorist was on that road this morning, otherwise literally thousands of people could have lost their lives,” he concluded.