Irish Man On Holiday Makes Irish Pub First Port Of Call


IN A bid to fully immerse himself in the culture of the country he’s visiting on holidays, Dublin man Niall Keelan has made a bee-line directly to the first Irish pub he could find at the start of his two-week trip to Portugal.

After initially fearing that there was no Irish pub in Costa Da Caparica, Keelan managed to locate an authentic Irish bar which sells not only Magners cider, but Fosters on tap as well.

Happy that he can now enjoy everything that Portugal has to offer him, 36 year-old Keelan has made it his business to ‘camp up’ at Molly Malone’s Authentic Irish Sports Bar for the entire duration of his trip, while his wife minds the kids at the resort pool.

“It’s amazing to see such nuances of Portugese culture while visiting their lands,” said Keelan, downing a pint of Guinness while watching ESPN.

“I mean, look at that beer they have over there; Sagres something something… you just wouldn’t get that in Ireland. Not that I’d drink it, mind you. I’ll stick to the devil I know. Yep, I think I’ll have a very interesting stay here, and I do mean like exactly here, in this spot, in this bar, for the full week. The missus wants to go somewhere ‘nice for dinner’… I keep telling her, they do burgers and chips here, and nuggets for the kids. We’re sorted!”.

UPDATE: Forced to move from his beloved pub by his wife, Keelan later agreed to ‘try something new’, which he accomplished by taking the family to a Portugese McDonald’s and having chicken McNuggets with some weird sauce that they don’t have in Ireland.