Eric Trump Voted Guy Most People Would Like To Have Pint With, Then Beat The Shit Out Of


A RECENT poll among the pub-attending community has revealed that Eric Trump, son of the current President of The United States Donald Trump, is the person that most people would like to take to the bar for a few beers, get into a fight with over something he said, and then drag him out in to the parking lot and kick his stupid fucking face in.

Almost 100% of people polled agreed that Trump, the second of Donald’s three sons, had just the right combination of dislikability, smarm, greasiness and privilege to fully warrant a good drunken argument escalating into a tooth-rattling dust up.

Having recently appeared on news outlets crying about how poorly his father has been treated by the villainous left-wing, Eric added to his portfolio of hatefulness which includes hunting endangered animals, advocating the repeal of vital healthcare for children, accusations of stealing money from a cancer charity for children and just being a horrible git; all of which added to his punch-ability.

“Yeah, it sure would be nice to kick back and have a few pints with Eric, before deliberately misconstruing something he says and then take him out the back for a hiding,” said one man polled.

“Just really let him know how much the nation is sick of privileged young people who think they’re self-made, who look down on the rest of us as if we’re lazy or stupid. And then, of course, go in and finish my pint”.

Eric was joined on the list by Donald Trump Jnr in second place, Donald Trump Snr in third, and the rest of the Trump administration making up the top 50.